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Electrical sports car

Electrical sports car
Proposal of design

Bugatti EB110 Prototype Bugatti - trasparence view
Bugatti Prototype
Proposal of design and and
trasparence view

Lamborghini GT1
Lamborghini Prototype GT1
Proposal of design
with complete mechanical study

Inside of a Prototype
Inside of a Prototype
Study of ergonomic design

Design and styling studies.

The study of static and dynamic car designs represented, some years ago, the first step of the Studio into the world of design, with complete projects of cars based on existing chassis or new bases. These latest ones, in particular, were defined above all at styling level in all of principal features of the prototype, proposals ready to pass at the calculating phase.
The field of research has looked from the competition cars to the monovolumes, the luxury sedan cars and the city-cars, with different degrees of class and prestige. In every study, the Studio has kept a maximum consideration for the mechanical base which could receive the given forms.
The research has touched a lot of styling trends in the years: first in time, pointed shapes inherited from Seventies and early Eighties, arriving to rounded shapes and styling evolutions of the Ninetes, Old-style in the end of the last Century.
In each of these situations, the Studio has always looked to impress a personal style on the prototypes, often coming to exploring the power of some trends, even beyond the industrial limits.


Historical research and styling evolution.

An important part of the Studio's work is represented by drawings of historical cars for important magazines of this sector. In particular, first of all, the restudy of an important past considering as a cultural treasure (an essential thing for any self-respecting designer), transfering it on drawings with a strong artistic content, besides the maximum respect for technical and dimensional data of the cars under examination.
Beyond the magazines, the Studio executes jobs under commission from factories, privates or simply passionate lovers of the historical sector, accompanying a research job on the subject's features at the performing of the drawings of very rare models or which are difficult to identify: for example, from period photos, the Studio could examine and study the particular versions and style features of forgotten models.

Lamborghini Story 72

Historic drawing Lamborghini
Coached "Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera"
1964 - 1966

Ferrari 330 P4
Ferrari 330 P4
24 hrs. of Daytona 1967

Maserati A6GCS Coupè
Maserati A6GCS Coupè Pininfarina (1954)

Citroen DS
Citroen DS Pallas "One light-house"
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