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Chronometer bicycle

Chronometer bicycle
Complete study of style

Track bicycle
Track bicycle
Study of model with wheels without hub

Look KG196 Triathlon
Look KG196 Triathlon (available on market)

"Downhill" Mountain bike
"Downhill" Mountain bike - Projec

Styling and design studios.

In the field of bicycles, the Studio has a good experience with some collaboration between factory and customers of the sector, arriving to have a global knowledge of the many problems of this subject.
As with the sector of motor-bikes, in this field the designer must keep presently the fundamental demands of the typology of bicycle starting to study: frame's geometry, driving position, rules (for competition's bicycle), etc.., adding the features of every kind of bicycle (mountain bike, crono, racing-track, etc..). Task of the Studio is looking to put all the best and modern solutions into the prototype, carrying to have a maximal taxing (frame's materials, wheels, etc..), as near as possible to the customer's requests, supplying to him a good starting point for the next phases of the product's definition.


Historical research, collection and technical evolution.

In the sector of the historical bicycle, the Studio works in two principal directions: the execution of drawings under commission, accompanied by adequate historical research of the model and the period of pertaining, and the study of technical evolution in the history of the bicycle.
For the first aspect, the Studio performs particularly drawings of rare "forgotten" models, with, as its only basis, historical, and often damaged, photos. At the same time, the designer derives the technical features from it: design becomes historical research. The study of technical evolution could be considered as a strong completion of the design's work.
The bicycle, in history, has made steps essential progress' which deserve to be discovered and valued (something always done for champions in the sport history of the bicycle): for this purpose, beside the Studio, a collection of old racing bicycle can be admired, with some from the end of the 19th Century (first special bikes for racing and tracks), to the early Fifties (final affirmation of the wire change on substitution of old generation of mechanical change). The documents, like materials or papers, are very consistent, a complete work of research under the customer's commission.

Bianchi 1886

Bianchi (1886)

Historical racing sprinter (1882)
Historical racing sprinter (1882)

Speed racing track ('50 years)
Speed racing track
('50 years)

Historical racing bicycles collection
Historical racing bicycles collection
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