Illustrate's design and graphical research

One of the most important sector of Studio's competence is graphic illustration, in which knowledge converge and experience storaged with the design's and historical research. In this field, the creative part of the subject is accompained with a strong emotive impact, connecting to the rediscovering of the old-style ("retro'") at the end of the Century. Every theme is interpreted so as to give an immediate subject's and rounding's reading, all of that to transmit a prestige's sense at the imagine of the event.


  Parilla Zibello 2000 Ferrari Zibello  Parilla Mantova

Official Placard Meeting Parilla Zibello 2000

Official Placard Meeting Ferrari Zibello 2001

Official Placard Meeting Parilla Mantova 2001


P O S T A L - A N N U L S

In addition to the different kind of event placards (assemblies, meetings, expositions, etc..), the Studio's customers often request the study of a postal annul realized on purpose for the occasion. In the annul, we find clear references inherent to the subjects of the event (parts of the placard, background, famous monument of the event's city, etc..), inserted in accordance with annul's strict rules of Italian Post.


Postal Annul - Parilla Zibello Postal Annul -  F. Zibello Postal Annul -  Parilla Mantova

Postal Annul Meeting Parilla Zibello 2000

Postal Annul Meeting Ferrari Zibello 2001

Postal Annul Meeting Parilla Mantova 2001


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