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Aprilia 500 GP

Aprilia 500 G.P.
Proposal of style

Kawasaki Super Ninja
Kawasaki SuperNinja 1300
Study of biodesign

Scooter Design
Scooter Design

Styling and design studies.

The stylistic research of the Studio in the field of "two wheels" is always accompained by a technical consultation: this is because the bike, unlike a car, is a subject in which the technical and stylistical functions must come in harmony.
From here, the requirement for analysing and showing the technical validity (aerodynamics, driving position, cooling and heat evacuation, etc..) of the styling solutions selected for all the cases which can be facing: a little restyling of an existing model (graphics and body surfacing), a prototype based on an existing mechanical base (with all the technical measures and dimensions to respect supplied by the customer), or the proposal of a new model born from the indications of little essential starting information from the customer.


Historical research, definition, illustrating.

The Studio has in its activity, beside the design working on the field of motor-bike, cooperations to carry out historical drawings, starting from the "forgotten" models, arriving to the most famous Grand Prix motor-bikes of the history. Where the rare models are concerned, the Studio works examing historical photos, possibly accompanied by a minimum quantity of technical data (over all, in the case of realization of lateral view in scale), explating the documents in possession, to arriving at the definition of the requested bike, down to the smallest particulars, too.
This work could be precious in the case of restoring, for magazine issues (in the active of the Studio), or for great fans who wish to represent on a drawing their collection, etc..

Velocette KTT 350

Velocette KTT 350 (1948)

Vespa 98
Vespa 98 (1946)

Suzuki 500 RG Gamma
Suzuki 500 RG Gamma (1976)
Barry Sheene

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