" Studio Bertolini Design" is a graphical, technical and design Studio engaged in style projecting under commission, with predefined mechanical bases or complete projects.
The Studio's method may extend from the limited consultation in the initial phase of styling research (then developable from the commissioning company), carrying to the complete cycle of the project's researching phase. This last one includes an analisys of feasibility (in joint-venture with technical and marketing offices of the factory), consultation to realize a scale model (in the Studio or in the factory) and supervising of the product's definition arriving to its presentation on the market.
The Studio creates image projects and graphic advertising which accompanies the product in the final phase of research, manuals, study of exhibition preparation, historical studies (with the Studio's archive material or other items supplied purposely by the customer).


Via C.Prampolini 10 - 42040 Calerno (RE)
Tel +39.0522.679144 - Fax +39.0522.474094 - P.I. 01631210356

e-mail : studiobertolinigianni.st@tin.it