Ambulance for speedly transports
Proposal of design
Telescopic Lifter
Telescopic Lifter
Proposal of design
Crawler Scraper
Crawler Scraper
Proposal of design

Proposal and studies.

The Studio in its story have carried out work in different sectors, many continued under a less extreme guise but always deriving from the first studies. A particular vehicle, an object, restudied and representd under a more graphic and featuring light, added at the restyling at design level, permit a new interpretation of the aesthetic-function relationship in every object considerated.
The two qualities must be directly proportioned, in this case, too, arriving to obtain a good level of manufacturing and the consensus of the public.
Every drawing is a symbol, or an example, of the design evolution level in this sector, at the time of this realization. In this page, some proposals such as these can be observed, and from them new ideas, good for other sectors, could come about.

TIR Design
Veicolo Industriale T.I.R.
Proposal of design
Elevator Truck
Elevator Truck
Studio di design
Go-Kart 250
SuperKart 250 cc.
Study of design

Cover of the cartoon
Cover of the cartoon:
"Tango poco, pogo tanto"
Pubbl. SNORT n1

Covers and stories.

Added to the other Studio's experiences there are collaborations with periodical magazines of cartoons, with a realization of stories, illustrative covers, themes placing, etc.., all in black and white, featured by an original approach in research between clear and dark, the shadows, the shade and the object's dynamism.
Aside from this, a part of the experiences matured in the sector of cartoons, has been applied to illustrate different kinds of events and issues always regarding the "fantasy" subject, without, in this case, coming against conditioning of industrial and projecting's character.
All of this is a kind of laboratory where the Studio experiments new shapes, situations, prospectives who are possible to transmit at the other Studio's activity sector.

Moschito Sound
Placard for music concert
"Moschito Sound"
S.Ilario d'Enza (RE)
Copyright by studio Bertolini Design
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